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This is environmentally friendly cleaning – petroleum free – hydrocarbon free23.3.2012

Most dry cleaners in the Czech Republic use synthetic chlorinated hydrocarbons, so-called perchlorethylene, which the EPA classifies as a dangerous substance. California was the first to accede to a ban on use of these substances, other countries have proposed similar steps and Daja Dry Cleaners is the first in the Czech Republic to offer you ...



An aid for the household for swift care before leaving for work or entertainment. The icing on the cake of your flawless image. Using the sticky drum of a cleaning roller, you can remove all the pet hairs from your suits. By tearing off the used part of the roller than is no longer sticky, you gain a much larger volume for cleaning. 

You ...

Special full membership discounts5.3.2012

We value loyalty!!!

That you convience yourself of this - Congratulations - in February, you are saved 18,930, - CZK!! 
Don´t forget to use your membership - it´s advantageous you see!

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