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Special full membership discounts5.3.2012

We value loyalty!!!

That you convience yourself of this - Congratulations - in February, you are saved 18,930, - CZK!! 
Don´t forget to use your membership - it´s advantageous you see!

Repairs and adjustments clothing1.3.2012

Whether you want to shorten a sleeve, take in a skirt, lengthen your trouser legs, change the lining in a coat, or adjust your grandmother’s dress for your wedding, Daja Dry Cleaners will provide everything you need.

- repairs and adjustments to textile and leather clothing /shortening, lengthening etc. /
- adjustment ...

Ten recommendations for treatment of clothing20.2.2012

- Regularly alternate dresses and suits, suits no later than after one week’s wear.

- Before storage in a wardrobe, always remove dust from clothing by beating it and brushing it; (do not forget trouser turn-ups). Frequent removal of dirt stops dirt being fixed in the fabric.

- Occasionally ventilate clothes and wardrobes, ...

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