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Handbags and Purses1.6.2012

Protect your designer, vintage, and high-quality handbags from everyday wear and tear. Bags and purses are made from many different materials, but all can be safely dry cleaned. We recommend that you utilize a leather care specialist. A list of leather care specialists is available on your leather shop. The proprietary ingredients utilized by ...


How to clean clothes - first part22.5.2012

Most people prefer to bring clothes to the dry cleaning alone. He wants to make sure that nothing happens to him and can ask for single spots, or to arrange a cleaning procedure.

Others choose to transport. This eliminates way from house and back to dry cleaning and waiting in the queue :-)


Table linens10.5.2012

Cleaning up after a holiday feast can be especially hard on table linens. Follow this tips to keep yours looking good year after year.

Timely stain removal is important. Take your linens to your dry cleaner as soon as possible.
Candle wax: gently lift off larger pieces. Wash in the hottest water safe ...

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