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Household textiles & decorations

All of your textiles and curtains require treatment to ensure the perfect appearance of your cosy home. At Daja Dry Cleaners, we have a special programme for removal of dust from all types of materials. We take an especially gentle approach to antique fabrics because we respect your personal emotional attachments to historical family heirlooms. When treating antique fabrics such as pillows, plaids, bed spreads, tablecloths and curtains, at Daja Dry Cleaners in Prague and Hradec Kralove, we pay special individual attention to each item.

We can help you with care for

  • Covers for armchairs and sofas
  • Bed spreads and pillows
  • Antique fabrics with complicated decorations and embroidery work
  • Curtains and net curtains
  • Anti-static treatment of materials subject to customer request
  • piece carpets - (OC Futurum branch does not accept piece carpets)


Curtains, bed spreads and fine net curtains

Net curtains and curtains are one of the subtle decorative styling elements of our home interiors. A wide range of exclusive and costly coloured or white fabrics are available nowadays. The brightness or whiteness of textiles fades to grey over time. This is why we approach their treatment especially carefully in order to preserve their colour fastness and airiness. Our speciality in the case of net curtains is bleaching them again with the maximum care taken with regards to the material.

Cleaning upholstery from dust and dirt, Cleaning wall carpets, Antique carpets and rugs

There is no better way to care for the interior textiles and household fittings in your residence, flat, aircraft or yacht than by using the service offered by Daja Dry Cleaners. Our team will provide you with free consultation and prepare a draft care plan. This complex analysis includes estimates as to the manner in which we will remove dust remnants, soot, water marks and similar on household textiles such as (bed spreads, cushions and carpets), or we may propose ozone cleaning (to combat dust mites, moths and smoke).

We recommend that your home undergoes comprehensive care at least once a year by means of cleaning and removal of dust from curtains and upholstery. Most materials in the household are porous and dust particles are trapped in these, being released into the air you breathe. By removing allergens, you support the health of your loved ones.

Bed linen and towels

Through our care, we ensure that your celebratory table is able to enhance the beautiful atmosphere of family celebrations set with a dazzling white tablecloth and napkins. At Daja Dry Cleaners, we have experience in removing signs of ageing – yellowing or colour oxidation.

Whether you use traditional materials or stylish and modern luxury bed clothes with decorative bed spreads from silk or satin, your bed linen deserves special care to ensure the beauty of your home’s end effect.

We can help you with care for

  • Bed linen,/ bed sheets, duvet covers, pillows and bed spreads
  • Stylish bed clothes, decorative bed spreads and cushions
  • Table linen,/ tablecloths and napkins
  • Treatment of ancient historical fabrics and demanding embroidery work
  • Bathroom linen/, towels and bathroom mats
  • We provide care for quilts and pillows

We have prepared the following process

  • Selection of a suitable technological method
  • Selection of suitable cleaning agents with addition of fabric softener or starch
  • We iron linen by hand, bed linen lasts longer
  • We provide transportation

Water and fire

Help removing the after-effects of a flooded flat, flooding, removal of smoke after a fire, soot from clothing and textiles

If you are hit by an unfortunate incident in the form of a fire or your flat or house is flooded, Daja Dry Cleaners in Prague and Hradec Kralove can offer you help removing the after-effects of fire, smoke or water damage. By cleaning all fine clothing, textiles and household fittings, we remove the acidic odour from clothing and textiles and return their original appearance. The remaining odour after a fire is very acidic, and in combination with water, represents a risk of mould spreading, this posing a risk not only to your health, but also to your clothing and textiles once the whole living space is affected.

In the event of a catastrophe, Daja Dry Cleaners is here for you, to help you rescue and restore your clothing and household accessories. Our experts are equipped in such a way as to help you resolve all your problems quickly, effectively and permanently.


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