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New branche21.9.2012

Dry cleaning Daja expanding its branches! From mid-November this year, you can use our service in Hradec Kralove.

Preparation of a new branch of our experts carried out in full deployment, the hardware, the design of the interior. Let us surprise you. Here we offer all of our services, ie dry cleaning, leather and fur (both chemical ...

How to clean clothes - part second16.8.2012

When I receive clothing in dry cleaning Daja, always proceed according to the given steps. These steps are important to observe that we overlooked anything and the customer was more than satisfied with the service they expect. Therefore, receiving clothes sometimes takes longer than we expect, and sometimes form queue, when a customer brings ...


Sticky drum free13.7.2012

Do you know where you get a present? In the shop dry cleaning Daja - Kaufland Vypich. Just be sure your contract value of more than 200, - CZK, and you get adhesive roller free. Adhesive roller is suitable for quick maintenance before leaving for work or pleasure, or on the trip. Using the sticky drum of a cleaning roller, you ...


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