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Dry cleaning of textiles

„It is a great truth, that clothes make the man“ text of a song by Voskovec and Werich

Our unique clothing style creates a unique image for each and every one of us. We are unique personalities thanks to our own style at work, when doing business, in our free time playing sport or having fun, as well as during important events in our lives or important social occasions. Our style is always a reflection of who we are. The reason why all clothing deserves a great deal of attention from us is that clothes are expensive to buy. This is why we try to keep them looking like new for as long as possible.

Timely rescuing of clothing is always money well invested for each of us. It sometimes happens that despite the maximum level of care devoted to care for our clothing, it really is not possible to put right some unfortunate and irreversible damage to clothing by having it cleaned. If this happens, regard the damage as a reason to have an involuntary cleanout of your wardrobe and for example donate these items to charity.

Service for clients

Cleaning in a Solvon K4 bath is so gentle that if your clothing could speak, it would tell you itself that not only does it look better, but it also feels much better. Clothing which is cleaned in this bath, comes back to you not only clean, but also silky smooth to the touch and the fibres are also revived, smooth and supple. Because the bath is chemically inert with a low voltage, it removes dirt from clothing without damaging the fibres.

With Solvon K4, you do not need to worry about dry cleaning of sensitive fabrics such as lace, wedding dresses, beads and diamantes, hand-painted fabrics, silk, leather, suede, microfibre, curtains, acetates and flexible materials or upholstery, because all of these can be safely cleaned in the bath.

Cleaning and textile rescue – It’s a matter of trust!

The patronage of our regular private clientele is testament to their long-term trust in our abilities. For example, our most prestigious and most highly esteemed customers include the former president Václav Klaus and his wife, Livia, Václav Havel and his wife Dagmar. We really do appreciate this confidence in us

Influential fashion studios and prestigious department stores in the Czech republic such as Helena Fejková, Iska Fisarkova, Osmany Laffita, Blazek, Delor, Chanel, Le Premiere, Christian Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Givenchy, Hermes, Valentino and Versace are included in our prestigious lists of clients.

„When you need to refresh the vitality of your clothing, Daja Dry Cleaners offers a unique mix of services, which will renew the original styling of your clothes.“

You can rely on Daja Dry Cleaners in Prague and Hradec Kralove to care for the finest of fabrics and textiles with an extreme emphasis on detail. We use the very best state-of-the-art technology, in order to ensure that each complicated detail of your clothing is restored to its former beauty. All items of clothing are checked to uncover stains visible with the naked eye, including inconsistencies in colour in the fabric. After having been checked, your clothing undergoes selected individual treatment with the aid of special techniques. We assure ourselves of the faultless performance of our work by means of a final inspection.

You can rely on perfect clothing service from Daja Dry Cleaners in Prague and Hradec Kralove. We always perform good honest work with an emphasis on detail, which places high demands on the professional knowledge of our employees. We provide a perfect clothing service for you free from stains on a daily basis.

Service for companies

The new cleaning system with Solvon K4 satisfies the requirements of environmentally friendly customers. It helps save the earth, is non-allergenic and ensures that clothes enjoy a long lifespan. Uniforms look better and last longer. Everybody will certainly appreciate how much brighter, cleaner and whiter their clothes are. Cleaning does not take place on a petroleum basis. Use of the K4 system when cleaning eliminates the risk of contamination with dangerous substances.

Your employees will appreciate the safer working environment and work clothing free from odours and harmful substances. Companies which use uniforms, producers of textiles and fashion clothing can place their trust in the gentle cleaning process in Daja Dry Cleaners without having to worry about their garments, because this process presents no risk for the customer or the producer.

It is no surprise that everybody likes to make use of this possibility!

Cleaning for corporate companies and enterprises, theatres, hotels and restaurants tailored to suit your requirements

At Daja Dry Cleaners, we have a long tradition and wealth of experience with provision of service to companies, as well as with handling of linen for hotels and catering operations. We have stable staff, permanently trained, familiarised with the constantly appearing new materials, trends and cleaning technologies. By introducing a control system of processes with selection of the most suitable technological process, we preserve the lifespan of our clients’ material, clothing and textiles past the time when they can be completely written off. We thus decrease our customers’ costs. A benefit of this is that we are able to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding of customers.

We provide our customers with a high guarantee of the stable quality of services and products provided. Through complete use of the services offered by Daja Dry Cleaners in Prague and Hradec Králové, the client gains savings on space, savings on wage costs and savings on transport costs. We work every day and are even prepared to provide services on national holidays. Subject to request by the client, we can prepare a plan and draw up an offer tailored suit their requirements. Feel free to contact our commercial representative Mgr. Jakub Janata on 602 262 200.

Daja Dry Cleaners has prepared a programme to care for work clothing. Saving employees time looking after their clothing is an interesting form of benefit. We collect their clothing at the workplace and return it in perfect condition. By purchasing cleaning vouchers, every company can make a common thing into an unusual gift for their employees.

Shirts and fine linen

When you bring in your personal washing such as shirts and blouses, Daja Dry Cleaners constantly takes care to ensure that they remain perfect just like the day you bought them. They receive the optimum level of care through a special and individual approach. A suitable process guarantees your washing is handled with the utmost of care. When you come to collect your shirts, you will see that Daja Dry Cleaners has done its utmost to ensure your satisfaction.

Beautifully hand-ironed shirts are a calling card for your personality. This is why Daja Dry Cleaners tries to meet your expectations to absolute perfection.

  • we have prepared the following procedures to ensure the perfect result
  • we select suitable technology for washing or cleaning
  • gentle removal of stains and dirt according to the requirements of the clothing
  • if necessary, we wash by hand
  • we can add starch or provide finishing work according to your preferences
  • shirts are hand-ironed to absolute perfection
  • fine linen is folded into laundry bags
  • shirts are either folded or prepared for dispatch on hangers according to your instructions
  • for wet cleaning, we use non-allergenic detergents and aroma agents
  • shirt washing within 24 hours

Our Awards

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