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Privacy Policy

Daja Dry Cleaners respects your privacy

Daja Dry Cleaners respects and holds your privacy in high regard. This declaration on protection of personal data provides you with information on our rules relating to protection of personal data and the method in which data about you is collected and used.

1. Declaration on protection of personal data on websites

This declaration on protection of personal data applies for all websites, which are owned by Daja Dry Cleaners (hereinafter referred to only as “Daja Dry Cleaners website”), apart from those cases when the declaration is replaced by principles of protection of personal data or declaration published on the Daja Dry Cleaners website relating to a specific programme or service provided by Daja Dry Cleaners.

Links to other websites than the Daja Dry Cleaners website

The Daja Dry Cleaners website may provide links to the websites of third parties for your information. If you open these links, you leave the Daja Dry Cleaners website. Daja Dry Cleaners does not have these websites or their principles for protection of personal data under control and shall not be held liable for them. Our company does not approve or provide any statement with regards to the websites of third parties. We recommend that you read the principles of protection of personal data of any other company before you provide them with your personal data.

We may also offer social media functions on our website, which allow you to share information of Daja Dry Cleaners on your social networks and to cooperate with Daja Dry Cleaners on various social media websites. Use of this function may lead to collection or sharing of your data depending on the function. We recommend that you read the principles of protection of personal data and settings of the social media websites which you use, and assure yourself that you understand which data may be shared by these parties.

2. Collection of personal data

Daja Dry Cleaners collects, deletes and uses personal data after notification, gaining consent and in accordance with the required notifications to authorities for protection of personal data with the aim of best serving you and understanding your requirements and interests. We ask you to provide personal data, for example if you order goods or services, ask for specific information, register yourself, participate in a competition or survey or apply for work with Daja Dry Cleaners. This personal data, which you provide us with on this website, may include contact details, such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address; financial information, such as your payment card number, and other unique information, such as user name and password, information relating to payments and transactions, preferences for products and services, contact preferences, information regarding education and employment and data with regards to interest in employment.

Apart from the information you provide, Daja Dry Cleaners may also collect data during your visit to the Daja Dry Cleaners website or a website operated by another company on behalf of Daja Dry Cleaners using automatic tools and collection of data, which includes cookies, embedded web links and other data collection tools. These tools collect specific information about operation, which your browser sends to the website, for example your browser type and language, the time you accessed the website and the address of the website you came from. They may also collect data relating to your IP address, behaviour when opening websites (i.e. websites displayed, open links, and other activity which you perform in relation to the Daja Dry Cleaners website) and product information. Daja Dry Cleaners may also use some of these automatic tools to collect data used in relation to certain electronic messages sent by Daja Dry Cleaners, and for this reason, may collect data with the aid of these tools after you open an e-mail or after you click on a link contained in an e-mail.

3. Use of your data

The data, which Daja Dry Cleaners collects in order to assess your requirements and interests, helps Daja Dry Cleaners to provide a consistent and personalised overview.

Daja Dry Cleaners may for example use your data for the following activities:

  • help when completing a transaction or order;
  • prevention and detection of security threats, fraud and other detrimental activities;
  • communication with regards to products and services;
  • provision of services and support;
  • provision of information about new services and benefits;
  • provision of customised advertising offers;
  • selection of content which will be sent to you;
  • measuring the performance of marketing initiatives, adverts and websites operated by other companies on behalf of Daja Dry Caners;
  • facilitation of participation in competitions and surveys
  • contact with regards to products and services of Daja Dry Cleaners.
  • any thanks or compliments published on our website are only published with the explicit consent of the individual or company which provided them.

Data about payment cards is only used for performance of payments and prevention of fraud. Data about payment cards and other sensitive personal data requested for completion of decisions with regards to credit are not used by the provider of financial services or Daja Dry Cleaners for any other purpose and shall not be stored for longer than is necessary for provision of services, unless you request storage of data about your credit card for future transactions.

4. Sharing your data

Daja Dry Cleaners does not sell or rent your personal data to other parties with the exception of the case as described in this declaration. Daja Dry Cleaners shares personal data in the following ways:

Daja Dry Cleaners has service providers and suppliers, which supply complete products, services and solutions to customers and which help Daja Dry Cleaners with advertising and communication initiatives. These providers and suppliers for example include processors of payment cards, providers of customer support, marketing, providers of electronic services, processors of automated data and forwarders. Suppliers and service providers are contractually obliged to maintain the confidentiality of data which they receive on behalf of Daja Dry Cleaners and not to use such data for any other purpose than performance of services for Daja Dry Cleaners.

With the exception of cases described in this declaration, Daja Dry Cleaners shall not share personal data, which you provide to Daja Dry Cleaners, with third parties pertaining to Daja Dry Cleaners without your consent, with the exception of situations when it must: (1) react to the justified requests of the police and state authorities; (2) act in accordance with all laws, regulations, summonses or court orders; (3) investigate and help prevent security threats, fraud and other detrimental activities; (4) enforce or protect the rights and property of Daja Dry Cleaners or its branches; or (5) protect the rights and personal safety of the employees of Daja Dry Cleaners and third parties to property or when using the property of Daja Dry Cleaners.

Circumstances may arise, be these for strategic or other commercial reasons, when Daja Dry Cleaners decides to sell, buy, merge or otherwise reorganise the company. Such a transaction may include publication of personal data to a potential or actual buyer or its acceptance from sellers. It is a principle of Daja Dry Cleaners to look for suitable protection for personal data in terms of these types of transactions.

5. Possibilities and options for receipt of information

Daja Dry Cleaners allows you to receive a lot of information, which complements our products and services. You can register to receive information and also to choose receipt of general messages from Daja Dry Cleaners. You can choose whether you want to receive these general messages from Daja Dry Cleaners by post, e-mail, by telephone or to a mobile device

You can make your choice relating to receipt of information or general messages and also change this at the place the data is collected or in another manner, as stipulated in the following sections. This possibility does not relate to communication relating primarily to execution of job orders, or other administrative notifications and notifications regarding transactions, as the main purpose of these messages is not advertising.

The messages which you receive from Daja Dry Cleaners shall be provided in accordance with this declaration. Some messages may use automatic tools to collect data.

Messages sent to you

Messages sent to you include information about new products, special offers or invitations to participate in market research, which you explicitly requested or sending of which you gave your permission to. Once you have requested such messages, you can opt not to receive them in one of the following ways:

  • Write “CANCEL REGISTRATION” in an e-mail or proceed according to the instructions for deregistration stipulated in every e-mail received.
  • If you want to cancel your registration for sending of messages sent to mobile devices, answer the message with the word "CANCEL".

6. Access to your data and its accuracy

Daja Dry Cleaners strives to ensure that your personal data is recorded precisely. Daja Dry Cleaners provides individuals with access to personal data which they provide to Daja Dry Cleaners, and an appropriate manner in which to check and correct or delete this according to requirement. In order to also ensure your privacy and security before giving permission to access your data, we perform the appropriate steps to verify your identity, for example by asking for a password and user ID. If you want to display or change the personal data which you provided directly to Daja Dry Cleaners, login to the website and make the required changes in the Edit profile link.

7. Personal data security

Daja Dry Cleaners respects the confidence which you place in us. In order to prevent unauthorised access or publication, in order to maintain the accuracy of data and in order to ensure the appropriate use of data, Daja Dry Cleaners uses the appropriate physical, technical and administrative procedures in order to secure collected data.

When collecting or transferring sensitive data, for example payment card numbers, we use various security technologies and procedures in order to help protect your personal data against unauthorised access, use or publication. The personal data which you provide us with is stored on computer systems located in guarded facilities, access to which is limited. When transferring highly confidential information (for example payment card numbers or passwords) over the Internet, we protect these with the aid of encryption, for example using SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer).

Payment card numbers are only used for performing payments and are not used for any other purpose. In terms of performance of payments in real time, Daja Dry Cleaners subscribes to services used to prevent fraud. These services provide you and Daja Dry Cleaners with an extra level of security preventing misuse of credit cards and protect your financial data.

8. Contact us

We appreciate your opinions. If you have any comments or queries with regards to our declaration on protection of personal data, please send them to the following e-mail address or write to us at the following address:

Čistírna oděvů Daja
V Celnici 3
110 00 Prague 1


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