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Leather & Fur

Leather and fur are two of the oldest materials used for clothing by man. They have their own specific and very individual characteristics and are very popular. A great advantage of leather and fur is that they are pleasant to the touch and can be worn for many years. In the case of furs and velour furs, they also help to keep you warm. Due to its extreme character, leather is prone to in-depth soiling and damage during regular use. It is damaged by the sun, dust, dirt, grease, salt, rain, physical heat and abrasion as well as moisture in the air.

Many hidden blemishes and many potential defect such as creases, bruises, shaded areas, thickness of the material, scoring, or differing density of the porous character of leather can be well hidden by suitable dyeing, the original colour of which does however pale with wear and the visibility of the defects increases. Leather likes to oxidise and can also crack at any time if it dries out or is placed under too much stress.

„Stains remain irreversible when this concerns strong in-depth soiling. This is why it is very important to regularly care for the condition of all leather products, be this leather clothing or household accessories.“

It is always advisable to approach these materials with professional care and gentleness. Suitable essential oils and dyes must be used to treat them. Dyes used to dye leather and suede clothing are unstable and there are special requirements for each item of clothing.

The experienced team of specialists at Daja Dry Cleaners in Prague and Hradec Kralove recommends the most suitable method of treatment by cleaning and final treatment using essential oils, in order to achieve the appropriate appearance of leather and furs. In order to ensure that the service is perfect, if your clothing is damaged, Daja Dry Cleaners will ensure repair for you, or suitable application, or replacement of a zip etc., so that your leather clothing lasts as long as possible.

We clean

  • suede
  • velour fur
  • smooth dyed leather
  • furs
  • rabbit
  • fox
  • mink
  • astrakhan
  • fur rugs and covers
  • moto clothes
  • handbags and bags

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