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Wedding & evening dress

„Only Daja Dry Cleaners protects my wedding dresses and large evening gowns“ the fashion designer Helena Fejkova says

Every little girl dreams from an early age of her most beautiful of wedding days and her groom. And then suddenly it is here. A brilliant, happiest of days for both, with a wedding dress, flowers, wedding ceremony, reception, lots of friends, presents and other small things that are essential on the most important day of our lives.

Preparation of wedding ceremonies and all details requires a great deal of attention and long preparation, and at Daja Dry Cleaners, we are very proud of the fact that with our small contribution, we can help to achieve perfection on the happiest day of each of our lives. We can help with the faultless appearance of the bride’s dress, the groom’s clothing and also the clothing of wedding guests. After a happily spent honeymoon, we can prepare the wedding dress and clothing for long-term storage or possibly even for sale. But one day maybe.. your little daughter will discover a beautiful wedding dress in the wardrobe and ...

We provide treatment with the greatest of care for

  • wedding dresses, veils and fur pelerines
  • suits for the groom, parents, bridesmaids and wedding guests
  • dresses for christenings and communion
  • formal dress women, evening gowns, evening dress for men, jackets and
  • we can arrange adjustments to wedding dresses or change in style

We are delighted at the alluring creations of wedding dresses of our leading fashion designers such as the studios of H. Fejkova, Osmany Laffita, E. Fisarkova and other Czech fashion houses, which we cooperate with. If you are interested, we can help you to select the most suitable fashion designer to design the very best wedding dress, or adjust your grandmother’s dress to a new and modern style.


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