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Terms of cleaning and complaints Rules

Dear customers, we kindly ask you to carefully read the conditions for cleaning. Daja Dry Cleaners faces ever greater challenges in its field every year. Work becomes more complicated thanks to ever newer textiles and combinations. This represents several problems in care for clothing and textiles. In order to keep pace, we face constant resolution of challenges to preserve the perfection of clothing. Everything is important, be this a small family historical piece, or expensive luxury gown. The dry cleaners Daja tries to save every item for its customers.

Curtains and net curtains

After dry and wet cleaning, hidden defects may become noticeable and wear and tear may be accentuated (bleaching by the sun, heating or impairment of the fabric). Certain fabrics made from very fashionable materials cannot be cleaned whilst preserving all of the fashion effects of the new, unused product. In accordance with the provisions of Section 2594 Civil Code, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that certain defects are accentuated when cleaning is performed (impurities are washed away). Signs of wear and tear cannot be removed from curtains and net curtains by washing away impurities. The dry cleaner shall not be held liable for defects and damage which are caused as a result of cleaning a defective job order. We draw your attention to this and ask for your statement (signature of the job order) as to whether you would still like your order to be cleaned subject to this condition.

A product may exhibit the following defects:

  • If the curtains or net curtains have never been cleaned (the material was not pre-shrunk before being sewn) they may shrink. Every material is stretched in production and changes its measurements after having been cleaned.
  • Care symbols from the manufacturer are missing (wet or dry cleaning).
  • Thread may shrink, shrinkage of bordering or trimming, damage to decorative features applied to the material (non-shrunk features – colour inserts, sequins, laces, rubber coating), unravelling of fringes.
  • Possibility of the fabric losing its rubber coating or blistering, hardening, breakage.
  • Combination of several materials (e.g. shrinkage of one material – if the curtain is from two or three layers).
  • Inner material (e.g. wadding) – shrinkage, ripping.
  • Plastic and metal hooks, Velcro, sharp fixings (metal rings) may rip the fabric or rip the fibres – we recommend you remove these before actual cleaning.
  • Ruffling with elastic – bunching of the fabric so the precise measurements are unknown, perished elastic, shrinkage – tearing of the elastic.
  • Bleaching (by the sun or heating) lightening, weakening of the material – could rip, holes may appear.
  • Some stains – damage is irreversible (appears after cleaning).

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