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Price list

Dry and wett cleaning orders are made within 1 - 14 days and paid according to contractual prices in advance, the prices of the order included 21 % VAT. Children's clothing to size 130 cm cost half price. 

We clean leathers in 14 days. Leather garments are cleaning and oiling, not colored. From the moto clothes all the protectors have to be removed before cleaning!

For orders of textil and leather clothes and garmets, it is necessary to fill out a declaration signed by the customer (unsuitability of a symbol, without a symbol etc: Cleaning conditions).

Repair and alteration of clothing are carried out in our contract tailor within 3-14 days depending on complexity. Clothing repair prices are approximate without materials. 

Validity from 1. 2. 2019


Cleaning clothes made of smooth or chamois leather and furs

605 CZKPants

350 CZKSmooth skirt

400 CZKLong, wide skirt

590 CZKShirt - smooth leather

340 CZKVest, combined knitwear

590 CZKDress - smooth leather

605 CZKJacket, sports jacket

680 CZKJacket with fur inside

720 CZKOvercoat unlined

790 CZKOvercoat with fur inside, including ¾

790 CZKFur coat with fur outside

690 CZK¾ fur coat with fur beside fox

990 CZKFur coat fox, mink, all length

300 CZKChild warmer, lamb

450 CZKCollar, fox cap

250 CZKCollar, cap, rabbit, lamb

120 CZKGloves

120 CZKBelt

250 CZKLeather cap

990 CZKMotorbikes overall

605 CZKPants - moto

605 CZKJacket - moto

299 CZKHandbag

299 CZKHandbag - combinated

490 CZKFur hearthrug
1 piece dimension max 1 squere meter - rounded up

700 CZKFur car cover 2 piece


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