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Price list

Dry and wett cleaning orders are made within 1 - 14 days and paid according to contractual prices in advance, the prices of the order included 21 % VAT. Children's clothing to size 130 cm cost half price. 

We clean leathers in 14 days. Leather garments are cleaning and oiling, not colored. From the moto clothes all the protectors have to be removed before cleaning!

For orders of textil and leather clothes and garmets, it is necessary to fill out a declaration signed by the customer (unsuitability of a symbol, without a symbol etc: Cleaning conditions).

Repair and alteration of clothing are carried out in our contract tailor within 3-14 days depending on complexity. Clothing repair prices are approximate without materials. 

Validity from 1. 3. 2021


Home textiles

220 CZKGuilt (blanket)

380 CZKGuilt (blanket) double

350 CZKQuilted lamb

550 CZKBlanket sheep fleece double bed

280 CZKMattress protector

40 CZKHandkerchief

150 CZKSmall pillow

250 CZKSmall pillow feather

250 CZKBig pillow

380 CZKBig pillow feather

450 CZKMattress cover

800 CZKMattress cover double

35 CZKPillow cover

50 CZKCover Blanket

100 CZK Cover Blanket

45 CZKSheet

90 CZKSheet double

40 CZKBath mats

350 CZKThrow blanket for a bed

520 CZKThrow blanket for a double bed

465 CZKFeather quilt

840 CZKFealther double quilt

360 CZKQuilted blanket hollow fiber

700 CZKDouble quilted blanket hollow fiber

45 CZKTowel small

80 CZKTowel big

10 CZKMouth mask
cleaning 90C, drying, ironing 110 C, packing


Our Awards

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