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How to clean clothes - part second 16.8.2012

When I receive clothing in dry cleaning Daja, always proceed according to the given steps. These steps are important to observe that we overlooked anything and the customer was more than satisfied with the service they expect. Therefore, receiving clothes sometimes takes longer than we expect, and sometimes form queue, when a customer brings more pieces at once. Thank you for your patience, when receiving orders from you.

In the first step, it is important to look at the manufacturer's recommended cleaning symbolism - why we recommend these signs cut up. If symbolism is missing, clean clothes only with your consent - sign the declaration. Although the clothing has its symbolism may be that our trained staff will recommend different procedure than indicated on the tag. Most often it is at a bright object which has a dark accessories. 
In the second step, then the whole garment look carefully because of the designation of spots - their identification (identifying the origin of stains customer will help us to remove it), "or how to clean up spills," and determine the level of damage to clothing. Damage to the mind, a common use attire to wear - individual breach fibers, worn lapels, cuffs, seam permits, missing buttons, etc. If the customer wishes, we'll also provide repair clothes.
In the third step, the individual garments (with identified specifications) charged at checkout under one contract. Garments are then marked with a special leaf that, when the cleaning process, eliminate their confusion or loss. These leaves also use washing and ironing shirts. The leaves attach plastic clothing tag, usually into the symbolism of schedules to damage when wet or chemical cleaning cloth, skin or fur.

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