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We will prepare you for bad weather 22.11.2017

Often, people are walking with soaked or dirty clothes. Few people know how to prevent stains or worms. Do you know these concepts?
Apretace for all types of garments is the finishing of fabrics to achieve a better appearance and resilience to prevent wrinkling and dirty clothing. Clothing becomes more resistant to natural influences, dust and smog.
Price per piece 50, - CZK
Making a bid within 24 hours
We use garment impregnation a lot for skiing and outdated clothing, and not only do people often not know that their woolen coat is also protected. (oil and water repellent, which ensures that the water remains in the solid state of the ball and after the material goes down).
Price per piece 90, - CZK
Making up to 2 days
You can use the protection of clothing and other services at some of our branches.
Want to protect your garment, but do not you crack? Order a transport.

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