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NEW - The anti-mite treatment 26.3.2015

Every night with you in bed sleeping up to several hundreds of millions of mites !! Are you surprised? Mites grow best in a dark environment with a temperature of 22 - 26 °C and relative humidity between 70 - 80 %. However, life expectancy male subject reaches 20 to 30 days and females live up to 10 weeks during which lays 60 - 100 eggs. Mites are moving very fast, jerky, zigzag and travels in 1 minute to 150 mm distance. Within 48 hours, can withstand extreme temperatures, and the lowest - 12 °C and maximum 43 °C.
Your favorite bed represents thanks to its special microclimate ideal incubator for mites and not only there. Mites are found everywhere where there is a prolonged contact with a strong human textiles, which are often purified. We can thus find in plush toys, carpets, duvets, pillows and mattresses.
For their reduction and efficient removal are four basic steps:
1) Step - reducing the humidity to 50 % by regular ventilation space
2) Step - blankets and pillows separated from the mattress periodically during the day to reduce the temperature, humidity and light approach
3) Step - regular washing pillows, duvets, linens, plush toys, and to at least 60 °C using a disinfectant
4) Step - will find with us !! TAKE against mites, which after 8 hours exterminate 99 % of all living things.
The application will perform at our offices in Prague and Hradec Kralove at the price of CZK 50,-, or you can buy a home nebulizer for the price of CZK159,-  apply where you need it.

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