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Most common stains

Kids often get dirty while playing popular children games. Today we will show you how to get rid of the most common stains you can come across with your little ones. Whatever the source of the stain is, including blood, chocolate or toothpaste, you may appreciate a few tips.

What will you need?

  • Warm water (30°C)
  • Bile soap
  • Wet tissues

What to do immediately?

Use a spoon, a cloth or tissue or a wet wipe to remove the stain from the surface of the garment. Do not rub repeatedly to avoid rubbing off the fabric or its colour.

My experience?

For gentle removal of stains from a pumpkin puree, chocolate, toothpaste or blood I prepare warm water of a maximum of 30°C in a sink and then a bile soap. I put the dirty clothes in the sink and let them soak for a while. Then I gently use the soap and, if needed, I repeat the whole process. The basic principle applies - the sooner the better. If you wait too long with stain removal, the result is usually poor.

I can recommend

Be careful

First of all – when you are playing with kids do not wear expensive or leather clothes. Pores of leather garment easily absorb the stain and then the spot can not be fully cleaned out. Fleece or woolen coats must be taken to dry cleaners. Do not try to clean it at home, particularly avoid soaking. The garment may shrink and felt.

Anyway, enjoy the fun time with children.
Yours Daja



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